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Paul and Silas sing in jail

Paul, Silas, a earthquake and the prison jailor in Philippi.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
A long time ago, it was the rule that no one could talk about Jesus, or they would be put into jail. – Slide 1
Paul and Silas loved Jesus. They told everyone about Him, so they were locked up. – Slide 2
They cheered each other up with words from the Bible and sang songs of praise all night. The other prisoners and guards heard them and said, ‘How can anyone thank God in such an awful place?’ – Slide 3
Their friends were praying that God would save them. A big earthquake shook all the prison doors open. The guards were frightened. If the prisoners escaped they would be in trouble. – Slide 4
But Paul and Silas did not run away. The guard was so pleased to see them. ‘We stayed because God is with us and we believe that Jesus is God’s Son,’ they told the guard. – Slide 5
‘Tell me about Jesus,’ the guard said. Paul told him, ‘Jesus was sent to earth by God. He healed and helped people, then died on a cross. Now He is alive again, just as God had promised. – Slide 6
‘Just believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son. You too will become God’s child.’<br/>‘I do believe that Jesus is God’s Son,’ said the guard. – Slide 7
He went and told all his family about Jesus. They all listened to Paul and Silas and they all believed in Jesus too. Like Paul and Silas they were now God’s children. – Slide 8
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