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Paul is shipwrecked

Paul is shipwrecked on his way to Rome.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Paul the apostle was sent by ship, under the guard of Julius, a kind centurion, to be tried in the Court at Rome. Paul warned the sailors that a storm was coming. – Slide 1
They didn’t take any notice of him. Soon a storm, with ferocious winds and huge seas, battered the ship for 14 days and the sailors thought that they would die. – Slide 2
But, while Paul was praying, an angel told him that everyone would be saved. ‘We have been in this storm for two weeks and you haven’t eaten any food,’ he said. – Slide 3
‘Have something to eat, because tomorrow we will all be saved.’ Paul took some bread and gave thanks to God for His love and care. – Slide 4
To make the ship lighter, they threw everything they could overboard, including all the bags of wheat and food. In the morning they were near land. – Slide 5
They headed into the shore, but the front of the ship stuck in the sand, while the back was smashed in the huge waves. They abandoned the ship and made for land. – Slide 6
Swimming or floating on boards, everyone of them got safely to the beach, just as God had told Paul. All 276 of them were saved that day! – Slide 7
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