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Paul and the snake

A poisonous snake leaps out of the fire to bite Paul.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
The boat taking the prisoner, Paul, to Rome was shipwrecked. Everyone got safely to shore through the stormy seas and heavy rain. – Slide 1
They found wood to make a fire to warm and dry themselves. Paul helped gather sticks too, in the pouring rain. – Slide 2
He didn’t see a poisonous snake, called a viper, hiding in the sticks. The poisonous snake bit Paul on his hand and hung on tight. – Slide 3
Paul shook the snake into the fire and prayed that God would protect him from the poisonous snake venom that would kill him. – Slide 4
Everybody waited for Paul to die. They thought that God must be angry with him and had made a storm and sent a snake to kill him. – Slide 5
When Paul didn’t die from the poisonous snake bite, the people decided that Paul must surely be a god himself! – Slide 6
‘I am just a man like you,’ he said. ‘I believe the one, true, living God sent His son Jesus, to save me. God alone has kept me safe. – Slide 7
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