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The Holy Spirit comes

God sends the promised Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
After Jesus had gone up into heaven, some of His friends met together in an upstairs room of a house in Jerusalem and waited just as Jesus had said to do. – Slide 1
Suddenly they heard a strong wind. It shook the house where they were waiting. It was the Holy Spirit sent from God. – Slide 2
The power of the Holy Spirit filled them all. They saw what looked like flames flickering over their heads and it felt that God was right there with them. – Slide 3
The flames were bright and danced in the air, but did not burn them. Their hearts were full of God’s love and they praised God. – Slide 4
Now Jesus’ friends could speak in any language without learning it! The Holy Spirit’s power made them brave too! They wanted everyone to know about Jesus! – Slide 5
They went outside and spoke to people from other countries in their own language, telling them that Jesus had risen from the dead and everyone in the crowd understood! – Slide 6
The Holy Spirit coming into their lives was the beginning of something brand new. Many people believed in Jesus and followed Him because of that day. – Slide 7
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