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Peter escapes from prison

Peter, prison, an angel, Rhoda and a prayer meeting.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Most people in prison are there as a punishment for doing wrong. The Bible tells us about a man who was in prison, not because he had done wrong but because he had obeyed God. This is what happened. – Slide 1
Peter was one of the disciples of Jesus. He told many people the good news about God’s son, the risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. King Herod wanted to stop people hearing about Jesus. – Slide 2
He arrested Peter, locked him in prison and was going to sentence him. Christians everywhere prayed day and night that God would keep Peter safe and set him free. – Slide 3
For three days Peter was chained up and guarded by the king’s soldiers. The night before Herod was going to sentence him he went to sleep, knowing that God was with him. – Slide 4
In the middle of the night an angel woke Peter up and a bright light filled the prison. <br/>‘Get up quickly,’ said the angel, ‘Put on your clothes and sandals and follow me.’ – Slide 5
Peter did what the angel said. As he stood up, the strong iron chains that Herod’s soldiers had locked him up with fell off his hands and he was free! – Slide 6
He followed the angel past the sleeping guards. All the locked prison doors and iron gates opened by themselves. Peter thought he must be dreaming. – Slide 7
Once they were out on the street the angel vanished. Peter knew that God had sent His angel to save him from King Herod. His friends could hardly believe that Peter was free. – Slide 8
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