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Philip baptises an Ethiopian man

Philip talks with an Ethiopian man about Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Philip was a Christian who was willing to go and tell people about Jesus. We read about him in the Book of Acts in the Bible. – Slide 1
Philip, and some of Jesus’ disciples, were telling people in the small towns of Samaria about Jesus Christ, God’s son, and many people believed the good news. – Slide 2
Then God sent an angel to tell Philip, ‘Go this way into the desert. God has something for you to do.’ Phillip listened and obeyed. – Slide 3
He wondered why God had sent him to such a lonely place, but he knew that God’s Spirit was with him. God wanted Philip to tell someone about Jesus. But who? – Slide 4
Soon a very important man, from the country of Ethiopia, came past in his chariot. He was the boss of the Queen of Ethiopia's treasure and he was reading the words of Isaiah, from the Bible – Slide 5
Phillip asked the man if he understood the words he was reading. <br/>‘I can’t understand them,’ he answered, ‘and I have no one to teach me.’ – Slide 6
So Phillip explained to the man from Ethiopia how God had written long ago about His Son and that anyone who believes in Jesus would become a child of God. – Slide 7
‘I want to get baptised right now to show that I believe in Jesus,’ the Ethiopian man said. <br/>‘If you truly believe you can,’ Phillip replied. <br/>‘I do believe Jesus is the Son of God,’ the man from Ethiopia declared. So Phillip baptised him in the river. – Slide 8
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