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Moses and the ten plagues - part 2

God sends the last six of ten plagues on the Egyptians.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
In Egypt the children of Israel had become the slaves of Pharaoh. When God told Moses that it was time to go home to the land He had promised them, He sent terrible plagues until Pharaoh agreed to let them go. – Slide 1
When Pharaoh said he would not let the people go, God sent lightening strikes and huge hail stones, which stripped leaves off the trees, started fires and destroyed all the Egyptians’ crops of food. – Slide 2
Pharaoh still would not change his mind, so God sent a sickness on all the Egyptians’ cows and the Egyptian people got hungry, but the children of Israel's cows did not get sick. – Slide 3
Moses asked Pharaoh again to let the people go, but he still said, ‘No!’ God sent sores and boils on Pharaoh and the Egyptians. They felt very sick and sore, but Pharaoh would not change his mind. – Slide 4
Then God sent a great swarm of locusts throughout the land of Egypt. They ate everything that was green and good to eat, but the locusts did not eat the crops belonging to the Israelites. – Slide 5
Still Pharaoh would not change his mind, so God sent a thick, black darkness over the land of Egypt, but the children of Israel had light in their homes and no darkness at all. – Slide 6
After God sent the tenth and most awful plague and all the eldest boys in every Egyptian family died, Pharaoh finally changed his mind. He told Moses, Aaron and the Israelites to go! – Slide 7
The next day, all the children of Israel left Egypt and followed Moses to the land that God had promised them. After 430 years of being slaves they were free, just as God had promised! – Slide 8
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