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She just reached out

A woman touches the hem of Jesus' garment.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This story happened while Jesus was travelling to help a girl who was sick and dying. One of Jesus’ friends Mark wrote about it in the Bible. – Slide 1
A lady had been sick for a long time. She had spent all her money going to lots of doctors, but she had never got any better. She prayed and ask God to help her. – Slide 2
Her friends were talking about the sick people Jesus had made well, so, when He came to their town they all went to see Jesus for themselves. – Slide 3
The sick lady went too. ‘If only Jesus would make me better, she thought. ‘But there are so many people. Jesus is too busy to help me.’ – Slide 4
Then she had an idea. If she could just get close to Jesus, even if she could only touch His clothes, she would be well again. – Slide 5
The lady got really close to Jesus. She reached out and touched the bottom of His coat. A tingly feeling of His power went from Jesus into her! She knew she was better straight away! – Slide 6
Jesus turned around. ‘Who touched me?’ He asked. Lots of people were close. It could be anyone. Jesus said, ‘I felt healing power go out of me and make someone well.’ – Slide 7
‘It was me,’ said the lady. I knew you would make me well again, Jesus.’ <br/>Jesus smiled, ‘You are better because you believed in Me so much.’ – Slide 8
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