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Amazing breakfast

Jesus, a big catch of fish and breakfast by Galilee.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This story really happened and was written about in the Bible by John, a disciple of Jesus, who saw everything that took place. – Slide 1
Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, James, John and two friends, were by the sea of Galilee. ‘I’m going fishing,’ Simon Peter said and his friends went fishing with him. – Slide 2
Twice since Jesus had died on the cross people had said that they had seen him alive. They fished all that night but didn’t catch any fish. – Slide 3
Next morning Jesus stood on the shore, but His disciples didn’t know it was Him. Jesus called out, ‘Did you catch anything?’ <br/>‘No,’ they answered. – Slide 4
‘Put your net in on the other side,’ Jesus said. They did and caught so many fish that they had to call friends from another boat to help pull the net in. – Slide 5
It was such hard work that they even took off their shirts! Then John realised that it was Jesus! ‘Peter, look! It is the Lord!’ he shouted. – Slide 6
Peter quickly put on his fishing jacket and swam ashore.  He was so excited to see Jesus alive! This was the third time that Jesus was seen after He had risen from the dead. – Slide 7
Jesus had some fish cooking on a fire. The disciples shared the amazing breakfast. Jesus ate with them and they talked together.  They were so happy Jesus had risen from the dead and was alive! – Slide 8
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