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Ruth and Boaz

Boaz makes arrangements to get married to Ruth.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This is a story found in the Bible in the book of Ruth. Ruth had been gathering the left-over grain in the fields of a man called Boaz. He had been kind to Ruth and looked after her. – Slide 1
Naomi was praying for a husband for Ruth. She told Ruth to go to the barley shed and sleep at the end of Boaz’s bed. Boaz woke up and was surprised to see her there. – Slide 2
He wanted to marry Ruth, but an older uncle had first choice of buying her dead husband’s land and marrying her. So Boaz went to the town gate to talk to him. – Slide 3
‘I could buy my nephew’s land,’ the other uncle said, “but, because I can’t marry Ruth, you are next in line to carry on the family name. Here is my shoe to show we have agreed to this.’ – Slide 4
Boaz took the shoe and turned to the ten men who had come to witness the agreement. ‘I promise to marry Ruth, who comes from the country of Moab,’ he said. – Slide 5
When Boaz and Ruth got married, their friends prayed that God would always be with them and give them children to carry on the family name. – Slide 6
Soon their baby boy was born and they thanked God for answering their prayers. Now Naomi had a grandson to love in her old age. – Slide 7
The baby boy’s name was Obed. When he grew up, Obed would become the grandfather of King David. Jesus was born of this family tree. – Slide 8
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