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Samuel hears from God

God speaks to the nation through young Samuel.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Hannah had prayed and asked God for a baby. She promised to give Samuel to God when was he was big enough. – Slide 1
They took him to Eli at the temple church. ‘Samuel can be your helper,’ they said. Samuel was a good boy and he liked helping Eli. – Slide 2
One night Samuel was in his bed. God called Samuel’s name. Samuel sat up and looked around. ‘Eli must be calling me,’ he said. – Slide 3
‘Eli I am here,’ said Samuel. ‘Do you want me?’ ‘No, Samuel, I didn’t call you.’ Samuel didn’t know it was God calling his name. – Slide 4
He lay down in his bed and God called his name again. ‘Samuel.’ He ran straight to Eli. ‘I am here. I heard you calling me.’ – Slide 5
Eli was tired and grumpy. ‘No, I did not call you! Get into bed, go to sleep. Stop waking me up.’ – Slide 6
He heard his name again! Then Eli knew God was calling Samuel. ‘Next time,’ Eli said, ‘say, I am listening and God will speak to you.’ – Slide 7
So, Samuel listened. God called his name and talked to him. Samuel listened for God’s words and loved God all his life. – Slide 8
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