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The Angels' Good News

Angels announce the birth of Jesus to shepherds.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
The Bible tells us how God let the world know that His Son had been born. – Slide 1
On the night that Jesus was born in Bethlehem some shepherds were staying on the fields nearby. They were sitting down quietly watching their sheep, to make sure that they were safe. – Slide 2
Suddenly, the whole sky was filled with a very bright light and the Glory of God shone all around them. The shepherds were very frightened. – Slide 3
Then an angel appeared and spoke to them. ‘Don't be frightened,’ he said. ‘When you hear the good news I have been sent to tell you, your hearts will be filled with joy!’ – Slide 4
‘In Bethlehem today the Saviour has been born. He is Christ the Lord and He is God’s gift to you. When you find a baby wrapped in soft linen cloth lying in a manger bed of hay then you will know that this is true.’ – Slide 5
Then the night sky was filled with hundreds more angels who were praising and thanking God, saying, ‘Glory to God in heaven and may the whole world be filled with Peace and Kindness towards others.’ – Slide 6
The shepherds hurried to Bethlehem and searched until they found baby Jesus wrapped in soft linen and sleeping in a manger bed of hay, just as the angel had said. They told Mary and Joseph about the angel’s good news! – Slide 7
After they left the stable the shepherds told everyone they met about the angels and their wonderful news! The Saviour and promised Messiah had come at last! At Christmas time we still remember God’s gift to us all. – Slide 8
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