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When Jesus was 8 days old

Baby Jesus is dedicated to God at the Temple.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Young babies are often taken to church so their parents can thank God for them and ask Him to care for them. This is what happened when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple when He was a very young baby. – Slide 1
When baby Jesus was eight days old Joseph and Mary took him to the temple at Jerusalem to dedicate His life to God, just as it is written in the law God gave to Moses. – Slide 2
At the temple in Jerusalem was a man of God called Simeon, who was 84 years old. The Spirit of God had promised him that he would be alive to see the Saviour God was sending to the world. – Slide 3
Simeon prayed and waited for many years and he was now a very old man. <br/>When Simeon saw baby Jesus, God’s Holy Spirit told him that this Baby was the promised one! This baby was the Saviour he had been waiting to see. – Slide 4
He asked Joseph and Mary if he could hold the baby. Then Simeon’s heart was filled with joy and he praised and thanked God that his prayers had been answered! – Slide 5
Lord,’ he said, ‘now I can die in peace! For I have seen the Saviour you have given the world, just as you promised me I would. He is the Light that will shine upon the nations, and He will be the glory of your people Israel!’ – Slide 6
Joseph and Mary were amazed to hear these things. Then Simeon told Mary, ‘Many things will happen to your son that will make you very sad, but God knows those who believe and follow Him.’ – Slide 7
Anna, a very old widow woman, was also in the temple. She told Joseph and Mary that God’s Spirit had shown her that Jesus was the promised Saviour too. Mary kept these words from God in her heart. – Slide 8
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