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King Solomon

King Solomon asks God for wisdom.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story from the Bible is about a very wise king who foolishly stopped listening to God and obeying Him. – Slide 1
King David died and his son Solomon became the new King of Israel. He prayed and asked God for wisdom to rule the people. God made him the wisest king who ever lived. – Slide 2
‘Because you didn’t ask for riches, or anything for yourself,’ God said,  ‘I will also make you a very rich man.’ And God blessed King Solomon. – Slide 3
When people argued and each thought the other person was wrong, they would tell King Solomon and he always had an answer that was right, fair and wise. – Slide 4
King Solomon was a man of peace and didn’t fight wars like his father, King David. King David had wanted to build a temple for God, but God said, ‘My temple will be built by a King of peace.’ – Slide 5
King Solomon used the gold and silver his father had stored up, from cities he had captured, to build a beautiful big temple in Jerusalem. – Slide 6
People from far away countries heard how rich and wise King Solomon was and came to see the beautiful temple at Jerusalem. With them came many pretty girls. – Slide 7
Then King Solomon stopped listening to God. He married many of the beautiful girls, but they prayed to idols and didn’t know the one true God. Soon King Solomon forgot about God too. – Slide 8
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