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Thomas needed to see

Thomas doubts that Jesus is alive.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi
When the disciples saw Jesus alive for the first time, one of them, Thomas, had not been there. The Bible tells us what happened next. – Slide 1
‘Jesus is alive we saw Him!’ Jesus’ friends told Thomas.<br/>‘I won’t believe you until I see Jesus with my own eyes,’ he said. – Slide 2
When the friends met the next week, everyone was happy, except Thomas. ‘How can anyone rise from the dead?’ he argued. ‘Unless I see His hands and feet I will not believe!’ – Slide 3
Suddenly Jesus was standing right there in the room, even though the door was shut! Everyone was surprised to see Him, especially Thomas. – Slide 4
‘Don’t be frightened,’ Jesus said, ‘It really is me.’ Thomas, touch my hands and see that I am alive.’ – Slide 5
Then Thomas knew that Jesus had risen from the dead and he believed because he had seen Jesus himself. – Slide 6
‘Thomas, you are glad now,’ Jesus said, ‘You believe I am alive only because you have seen Me with your very own eyes. – Slide 7
‘In days to come, God's favour will be on those who believe in Me, although they have never seen Me.’ – Slide 8
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