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The tower of Babel

Pride leads to division by languages.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Nimrod the mighty hunter was Noah’s great grandson and the leader of his family. They all spoke the same language. Nimrod decided to build a great city called Babel on the flat plains of Shinar for his family. To show his strength and power he wanted the tower to reach as high as heaven. – Slide 1
He lay awake at night thinking about his tower. The problem was that there were not enough stones nearby to build with and anyway stones were uneven. The tower would fall over if he built it too high. – Slide 2
He had an idea! Instead of using round stones, he would make flat bricks, drying them in a fire until they were hard and strong. With a good foundation he could build higher than anyone had ever done! – Slide 3
Everyone worked together building the tower. The bricks were held together with tar and the tower grew higher and higher. It was going to be the tallest tower on earth. – Slide 4
God saw Nimrod’s pride and knew that now people could work out how to do anything they dreamed to do without trusting God at all. God decided to do something about it. – Slide 5
God worked a miracle. People suddenly began to speak with new words in different languages. The workers couldn't understand what they were saying and got annoyed. – Slide 6
After a while groups of families who spoke the same way left Babel together to find their own places to live. Different languages and ways of living spread all over the world. – Slide 7
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