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The two builders

Two builders and foundations of sand and rock.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
To help us understand how important it is to listen to God and obey Him, Jesus once told a story about two builders. – Slide 1
There was a good builder. He looked for a big rock to build a house on. It was hard work but he wanted the house to have a strong foundation. – Slide 2
The other builder didn’t work hard to make his house strong. It was easier to build on sand. He was in a hurry to get finished. – Slide 3
A big storm came. It rained and rained. The water got deeper and deeper and crashed against the houses. – Slide 4
The water rushed past the house built on the sand. All the sand washed away. And that house fell down. – Slide 5
But the heavy rain and the rushing water did not move the house on the rock. The builder knew his house was safe. – Slide 6
This was a story that Jesus told to teach us something important. Following Jesus is like having a safe rock to trust. – Slide 7
Jesus said, ‘If you hear my words and obey them it will make you strong. You will be like a house on a rock. You will be safe when trouble comes.’ – Slide 8
But if you hear my words and don’t obey them it is like building your life on sand. In difficult times you will be swept away. – Slide 9
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