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The virtuous woman

A virtuous woman by the mother of King Lemuel.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Many years ago King Lemuel wanted to get married, but before he chose his bride, his mother gave him some wise advice. – Slide 1
A trustworthy wife, of good character, is worth far more than priceless rubies. She supports and encourages him and is a blessing all of her life. – Slide 2
She loves being creative and works hard. Her love for her husband and family, make her happy in her work. – Slide 3
Merchant ships go far to bring the best goods. A special wife thinks nothing of going a long way to get the best produce. Nothing is too much trouble. – Slide 4
A good wife isn’t selfish, or lazy. She gets up early to prepare breakfast for her family. Her helpers are not forgotten either. – Slide 5
She is a good business woman, planning for the future, by wisely investing in good land and planting grapes, knowing she can make wine to sell, in years to come. – Slide 6
She works in the hot sun, taking care of the grapes; pruning and harvesting them, to make her dreams for the future, come to pass. – Slide 7
She enjoys creating things to sell at the market and saves her money. She makes sure she has enough candles to light, after the sun has gone down. – Slide 8
She takes care of poor families and gives them practical help. Everyone is special and she treats them all with love and respect. – Slide 9
She prepares warm clothing for her family, long before winter comes and the snow falls. They all wear the best clothing. – Slide 10
She makes good linen clothing to sell in the market. Other shop keepers buy her belts and sashes, because they are so well made. – Slide 11
Her husband is respected in the town and people speak well of his caring wife. She is loyal and faithful and her husband trusts her completely. – Slide 12
People come to her for advice, because they know she is kind and wise.  Her words are helpful and encouraging and she teaches them God’s ways. – Slide 13
Her children love and respect her.  Her husband honours her saying, ‘Many women do great things, but you are the most precious of all.’ – Slide 14
Being popular and beautiful doesn’t last forever. But, a woman who loves God with all her heart is worth more that priceless rubies. We all want to grow up to love God and serve others like that. – Slide 15
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