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Zacharias can't talk

Zacharias, Elizabeth, an angel and a promised son.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This is a story, found in the Bible, of how Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, was born. (Note that Zacharias is spelt as Zechariah is some versions of the Bible). – Slide 1
Zacharias was a good man. He loved to pray as he helped in the temple at Jerusalem, but he was sad because he had no children. – Slide 2
One day, while he was busy in the temple, the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared in front of him, with a message from God. – Slide 3
‘You and your wife Elisabeth will soon have a baby boy. ‘You must call him John,’ said the angel. <br/>‘This can’t be true,’ said Zacharias. – Slide 4
We are too old to have a child.’<br/>‘To show that God sent me,’ said the angel, ‘You will not be able to talk until the baby is named John.’ – Slide 5
When Elisabeth was six months pregnant her cousin Mary came to visit her. As Mary called out, Elisabeth’s baby, in her tummy, was so happy he began to jump. – Slide 6
And, just as the angel had said, Zacharias could not talk until after his baby was born. When he wrote, ‘His name is John,’ Zacharias could suddenly speak again. – Slide 7
Baby John grew up to tell everyone to get ready for the coming of God’s Son, Jesus, as the Saviour of the world. – Slide 8
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