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The burnt offering

The instructions for making a burnt offering.
Contributed by Marian van der Kruijt
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The burnt offering was a daily offering. The offering animal could be an ox, lamb, goat or a pigeon. The offering was brought as a gift for God and was burned completely. – Slide 1
The offering had to be male and without blemish. – Slide 2
The person making the offering had to put his hand on the animal’s head. It was a symbol of putting that person’s sin on to the animal to be sacrificed. – Slide 3
The person then killed the animal and the priests brought its blood to the altar. They had to sprinkle the blood on all sides of the altar. – Slide 4
The person then cut the skin from the animal. – Slide 5
The animal was then cut into pieces. – Slide 6
The priests put wood and fire on the altar. – Slide 7
They put the head, the fat and other pieces of the animal on the wood. – Slide 8
The priest washed the inner organs and legs in water. – Slide 9
They were then placed on the wood of the altar with all the other animals’ parts. – Slide 10
The priest had to burn all the offering on the altar. It was a whole burnt offering made by fire. Its smell was pleasing to the Lord. – Slide 11
If the offering was a dove or young pigeon, the priest had to wring off its head and burn it on the altar. – Slide 12
The blood was wrung out on the side of the altar. – Slide 13
The crop (a small bag inside the bird’s throat where food is made soft before going into the stomach) and the feathers were thrown on the east side of the altar by the ashes. – Slide 14
The bird was torn open by its wings but not divided into two parts. – Slide 15
The offering was then placed on the wood on the fire of the altar and burnt completely. – Slide 16
A summary graphic of the burnt offering. – Slide 17
Slide 18