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Genesis overview - Part 1 - Adam to Noah

An overview of Genesis chapters 1-9.
Contributed by Marian van der Kruijt
Story also available on our translated website: Spanish
Genesis 1. <br/>In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it. From darkness comes light and life. – Slide 1
Genesis 2. <br/>God creates the first man and woman. – Slide 2
Genesis 3. <br/>Adam and Eve are deceived by the serpent and disobey God. They face the consequences of their actions and are banished. They are prevented from getting to the Tree of Life. – Slide 3
Genesis 4. <br/>Cain and Able make offerings and God accepts Able’s offering of a slain sheep. Cain is jealous and kills Able. Adam and Eve have a son named Seth. – Slide 4
Genesis 5. <br/>This chapter gives a list of the generations between Adam and Noah. This includes Methuselah who lived 782 years. – Slide 5
Genesis 6. <br/>People become so evil God wants to destroy them but Noah and his family obey God. God gives Noah instructions to build a huge boat, an Ark, and he obeys. – Slide 6
Genesis 7. <br/>God sends a great flood and only those on board the Ark survive. – Slide 7
Genesis 8. <br/>The flood waters go down and those aboard the Ark get out on to dry land. Noah offers a sacrifice to God. – Slide 8
Genesis 9. <br/>God blesses Noah and his sons. God promises never to flood the whole earth again. – Slide 9
Slide 10