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The peace offering

Instructions God gave for the peace offering.
Contributed by Marian van der Kruijt
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
The peace offering could be offered, as a thanksgiving (v12), as accompanying a vow (v16), or as a voluntary offering.<br/>A male or female animal was taken from the herd. It had to be an animal without blemish. – Slide 1
The person bringing the offering laid his hands on the animal’s head and then slayed it. – Slide 2
The priest sprinkled the animal’s blood upon the altar and around it. – Slide 3
The animal was then cut up, and the fat and certain organs removed. This was was placed on top of the already burning burnt and meal offerings. – Slide 4
But what fat was to be burned? – Slide 5
It was the fat around the intestines. – Slide 6
Both kidneys and the fat around them. – Slide 7
The liver and the fat around it. – Slide 8
A lamb or goat could also be offered. – Slide 9
The fat of a lamb was to be burnt on the altar. But what fat? – Slide 10
It including the entire tail. – Slide 11
The tail had to be cur off close to the backbone. – Slide 12
Both kidneys and their fat, the liver and the fat around it, the intestines and the fat around it. – Slide 13
When a goat was offered the rules were the same. – Slide 14
Both kidneys and their fat, the liver and the fat around it, the intestines and the found around it. – Slide 15
All the fat had to be burned. – Slide 16
None of the animal’s fat or blood were to be eaten. The priest received the breast and right shoulder for himself and his children, and the offerer received the remainder of the animal to eat. However, it had to be eaten within one day if it was a thank offering or within two days if it was a vow or voluntary offering. If any remained on the third day, it had to be burned. – Slide 17
Slide 18