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The parable of the seed

A story Jesus told about a sower.
Contributed by MYELLOVE
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Hindi
Jesus went and sat by the lake. Large crowds gathered around Him. So Jesus got into a boat, while the people stayed on the shore. Jesus used stories to teach them many things. He said: ‘A farmer went out to plant his seed.’ – Slide 1
‘While he was planting, some seed fell by the road. The birds came and ate all that seed.’  <br/>(That seed is like the person who hears about the kingdom of God but does not understand it. The Evil One comes and takes away the things that were planted in that person’s heart.) – Slide 2
‘Some seed fell on rocky ground, where there wasn’t enough dirt. That seed grew very fast, because the ground was not deep. But when the sun rose, the plants dried up because they did not have deep roots.’ <br/>(That seed is like the person who hears what God says and quickly accepts it with joy. But he does not let the teaching go deep into his life. He keeps it only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the teaching, then he quickly stops obeying.) – Slide 3
‘Some other seed fell among thorny weeds. The weeds grew and choked the good plants.’  <br/>(That seed is like the person who hears what God says but lets worries about this life and love of money stop him from obeying. So the teaching does not produce fruit in that person’s life.) – Slide 4
‘Some other seed fell on good ground where it grew and became grain. Some plants made 100 times more grain. Other plants made 60 times more grain, and some made 30 times more grain. Let those with ears use them and listen!’ – Slide 5
(That seed is like the person who hears the teaching and understands it. That person grows and produces fruit, sometimes 100 times more, sometimes 60 times more, and sometimes 30 times more.) – Slide 6
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