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Daniel in the den of lions

Daniel keeps praying and is thrown into a den of lions.
Contributed by Moody Publishers
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When the Medes and the Persians conquered the Babylonian Empire, they extended their dominion over almost all the Old Testament World. – Slide 1
Darius, king of this vast domain, had chosen over a hundred princes to help him govern the people. King Darius had a high regard for the intelligence of other men. – Slide 2
And Daniel, because of his great wisdom, was a favourite of the king. Daniel was given the place of authority over all the other princes. Only the king could tell Daniel what to do. – Slide 3
Because of Daniel’s position with the kingdom, the other princes resented him. Jealously made them bitter and they plotted to get rid of Daniel. – Slide 4
If Daniel were out of the way, one of them would be put in his place. – Slide 5
So the princes started to spy on Daniel. They watched every move that Daniel made. They were hoping their leader would do something wrong so they could run and tell the king. – Slide 6
But Daniel was a good man. Day after day Daniel lived as the Lord would have him live, and the princes were greatly disappointed to find nothing wrong with Daniel’s conduct. – Slide 7
Spying on Daniel was proving to be a waste of time. To rob this man of his position and authority, the princes knew they must think of a plan… – Slide 8
… a plan that would trick Daniel into disobeying the king! And it wasn’t long before the  evil men came up with a devious idea. – Slide 9
The princes gathered together outside the palace and asked for permission to appear before the king. – Slide 10
The king was surprised when he heard the request. Such a thing was not at all common, as the rulers of the provinces were called together only by a royal decree. – Slide 11
Still, the king was curious. What was it the princes wanted? It must be very important, thought the king, otherwise the princes would never dare to ask for such a thing. – Slide 12
So the king gave them permission to come before him, and the one who had been chosen to speak for the group stepped forward with the usual greeting. – Slide 13
‘King Darius, live forever,’ he said, and then he went on to tell the king that all the princes of the kingdom were anxious that a new law be made as a special honour to their beloved ruler. – Slide 14
No one throughout the entire kingdom was to ask anyone – God or man – for anything for 30 days, unless it be asked of the king. And if anyone broke the law, that person would be thrown in the den of lions. – Slide 15
King Darius was flattered by such a request. It didn’t even occur to the king that Daniel might have been left out of the planning, so he signed their decree and made it law. – Slide 16
When Daniel heard about the law, he knew in his heart that this was a trap that had been set for him. – Slide 17
Daniel knew the next time he got on his knees before his open window to ask God for divine guidance and continued blessing, the men who had plotted this thing would report him to the king. – Slide 18
Daniel could have closed his window and prayed to God in secret. But Daniel knew that to do such a thing would be cowardly. He also knew that regardless of anything, God’s will in his life must be done. – Slide 19
So Daniel continued to pray before his open window just as he had done before. – Slide 20
And this was the moment the princes were waiting for. Daniel was breaking the law! According to the signed decree, Daniel would be thrown to the lions! – Slide 21
When the princes went to the king and demanded that Daniel be thrown to the lions, King Darius realised the cruel purpose of their law. This was no law to honour the king. It was an evil plot to get rid of Daniel. – Slide 22
King Darius was very fond of Daniel. He considered Daniel a trustworthy friend and he greatly relied on the judgment of this wise man. But the king was trapped. – Slide 23
According to the law, Daniel must die. – Slide 24
King Darius spent the day searching through the laws, hoping to find a way he could save his friend, but the law was clear. Once the king had signed the law, not even the king himself could undo what he had done. – Slide 25
With the setting of the sun, the king was forced to command that Daniel be seized and taken to the place where the lions were kept. – Slide 26
The animals were crazy with hunger and whatever was thrown to them was instantly torn to pieces. – Slide 27
The king told Daniel how sorry he was – how he’d been trapped into doing this thing, and how, according to the law of the Medes and the Persians, not even the king could revoke a royal decree. – Slide 28
And then, Daniel was thrown to the lions… – Slide 29
… and a great stone was brought and placed over the hole… – Slide 30
… and the seal of the king was placed on the covering so that no one would dare to remove it. – Slide 31
The king returned to the palace with a very heavy heart. – Slide 32
All night long the king thought about Daniel and wondered if he would ever again hear the voice of his friend. Daniel must have known about the law, and yet Daniel continued to pray. Was it possible that God would save Daniel from the lions? – Slide 33
When the rays of the morning sun told King Darius that his night of despair was over, the king hurriedly dressed himself… – Slide 34
… and he ran to the place where the lions were kept and ordered the stone be taken away. – Slide 35
The stone was removed and the king cried out, ‘Daniel, servant of the living God, is your God able to deliver you from the lions?’ – Slide 36
And the King Darius listened, hoping to hear the voice of his friend. ‘O king, live forever,‘ came the reply. – Slide 37
‘My God has sent His angel, and has shut the lions’ mouths. They have not hurt me. God found me innocent before Him and also before you, O king.’ – Slide 38
The king was happy to hear the voice of Daniel and he commanded that his friend be taken out of the lions’ den at once. – Slide 39
Then the king made a further command that the wicked princes – the men who had plotted against Daniel – be thrown to the lions in Daniel’s place. – Slide 40
And then the king signed another law. This law said that all men were to tremble and fear God. The God of Daniel was the living God, and lives forever. – Slide 41
‘God’s kingdom will not be destroyed or end. He rescues and He saves. He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth. He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.’ (Daniel 6:26-27). – Slide 42
Slide 43