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Moses: Battle with the Amalekites

Hur, Aaron and Moses battle against the Amalekites.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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Exodus 17 v 8 A group of desert nomads, known as the Amelekites, came up behind the travelling Israelites and started attacking the weak and elderly people travelling at the back of the convoy. – Slide 1
Moses told a young, tough leader called Joshua to choose some strong fighting men to go out and fight the Amalekites the following day. – Slide 2
The next day they set off. Moses told them he would stand on top of a hill with the staff of God held high in his hands. – Slide 3
Moses, along with Aaron and a leader called Hur, went to the top of a hill to call on God’s power in the battle. – Slide 4
Moses held his hands up. – Slide 5
While Moses’ hands were held high, Joshua and his men began winning the battle. – Slide 6
But as Moses got tired and lowered his hands ... – Slide 7
... the enemy started winning. – Slide 8
As Moses became exhausted, Aaron and Hur sat him on a large stone and helped him keep his hands high. They supported him all through the day until sundown. – Slide 9
Joshua and his men fought victoriously all through the day as Moses’ hands were kept high. – Slide 10
That evening the battle was finally won. – Slide 11
God told Moses to write something on a scroll that Joshua and the people could read and be reminded of later. ‘I will completely defeat the Amalekites so that they will no longer exist.’ – Slide 12
Moses built an altar and called it ‘The Lord is my Banner’. Then he declared, ‘As the Amelekites attacked us, the Lord will be at war with them from now on.’ – Slide 13
With their enemies defeated, God led His people to the foot of Mount Sinai where they set up camp. – Slide 14
Slide 15