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Parable of the Lost coin

Parable of the woman who searches for a lost coin.
Contributed by Andrea Rau
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
Jesus once told this story. A woman had ten silver coins. (<i>They may have been a wedding gift from her husband that she wore as jewellery.</i>) The coins were very valuable to her. But one day, she discovered that one of the coins was missing. She felt very, very sad. – Slide 1
Where could it be? Where had it been lost? She started looking for it right away. – Slide 2
She swept through the house looking for the silver coin? Can you see it anywhere? – Slide 3
She looked in the dark corners of each room? Can you see it anywhere? – Slide 4
She searched in the places where she stored things? Can you see the missing coin? – Slide 5
She looked in all baskets, jars and bags in her house. Can you see the silver coin anywhere? – Slide 6
She searched outside the house and inside the house. But she could not see it anywhere. – Slide 7
She got down and looked in all the places a silver coin could have rolled into. Can you see it? – Slide 8
She looked under her furniture and rolled up her mats. But she could not see her coin anywhere? Can you see the missing coin anywhere? – Slide 9
Suddenly she let out a very happy yell, ‘There it is!’ She picked up the coin and held it tightly. The lost coin was found. She was so happy. – Slide 10
She rushed out to tell her friends the good news. ‘Let’s celebrate,’ she said. ‘I have found the coin that was lost.’ – Slide 11
Slide 12