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Books of the Bible - other Epistles

Bible overview
Epistles written by James, Peter, John and Jude.
Contributed by Phillip Martin
These are the letters written by people other than the Apostle Paul. Bible scholars aren’t sure who wrote Hebrews but James, Peter, John and Jude are the authors of the other epistles. – Slide 1
Hebrews <br/>There are Jewish members of the church who are tempted to return to the Jewish law. The author of this epistle urges them not to look back but to move on to full spiritual maturity, by faith. Jesus Christ is better than angels and better than Moses, and He has provided a better sacrifice, a better priesthood, and a better covenant than anything in the Old Testament. Having left Egypt, we must enter the Promised Land, not continue to wander aimlessly in the wilderness. – Slide 2
James <br/>In this very practical book, James shows what faith lived out looks like. True, saving faith will affect our prayer life, our words, our response to trials, and our treatment of others. – Slide 3
1 Peter  <br/>The apostle Peter writes to believers under persecution in Asia Minor, addressing them as ‘God’s elect, exiles scattered’ (1 Peter 1:1). He reminds them of the grace of God, assures them of their heavenly home, teaches them to exhibit holiness, instructs them on marital relations, and encourages them as they face suffering. <br/>2 Peter <br/>With his death impending, Peter writes to the churches, exhorting them to follow the Word of God, to identify and avoid false teachers, and live in holiness as they await the second coming of Christ. – Slide 4
1 John <br/>God is light, love, and truth. Those who truly belong to Christ will seek fellowship with His redeemed; walk in the light, not in darkness; confess sin; obey God’s Word; love God; experience a decreasing pattern of sin in their lives; demonstrate love for other Christians and experience victory in their Christian walk. <br/>2 John <br/>The Christian life is a balance of truth and love. We cannot forsake truth in the name of love; neither can we cease loving because of a misdirected notion of upholding the truth. <br/>3 John  <br/>Two men are contrasted: Gaius, who shows his commitment to truth and love through hospitality; and Diotrephes, who shows his malice and pride through a lack of hospitality. – Slide 5
Jude <br/>The message of the gospel will not change. But there are men who attempt to pervert the message and teach false doctrines to benefit themselves and lead people astray. These men must be resisted in the truth. – Slide 6
Revelation <br/>Jesus is the Lord of the church, and He knows the condition of each local body of believers. The end times will be marked by an increase in wickedness, the rise of the Antichrist’s one-world government, and the fury of Satan against God’s people on earth. God pours out His wrath on a rebellious and unrepentant world in a series of judgments that steadily increase in severity. Finally, the Lamb of God returns to earth with the armies of heaven, defeating the forces of evil arrayed against Him and setting up His kingdom of peace. Satan, the Antichrist, and the wicked of every age are thrown into the lake of fire, while the followers of Christ inherit a new heaven and new earth. – Slide 7
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