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Jesus is alive again

Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene, His disciples then Thomas.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated websites: Portuguese, Hindi
Three days after Jesus died, there was a sudden earthquake. An angel rolled away the stone covering the tomb of Jesus. The soldiers guarding the tomb were terrified. Some women, who had come to the tomb with spices, were amazed at what they saw. – Slide 1
The angel told the women to go and tell the rest of the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead. The women did as the angel said but when they told the disciples they would not believe their story. – Slide 2
Peter and John decided to go to the tomb to find out if what the women said was true. They ran quickly and found the stone rolled away from the entrance to the tomb. John stood outside, but Peter went into the tomb and found the grave clothes that had been wrapped around Jesus were there, but His body was missing. – Slide 3
One of the woman who had come to the tomb with spices was called Mary Magdalene, She went back to the tomb looking for the body of Jesus. Two angels appeared to her and said ‘Why are you crying?’ and Mary answered ‘Because they have taken Jesus away and I don’t know where they have put Him.’ – Slide 4
Then Mary turned around and saw a Man she thought was the gardener. ‘Please,’ she said ‘Where have you put my Lord?’ <br/>‘Mary,’ the Man replied. At once Mary knew it was Jesus! ‘Go to my disciples,’ Jesus said, ‘and tell them I go to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’ – Slide 5
That same day two men were going to a place called Emmaus and Jesus joined them. But they did not recognise Him. They told Him about all the things that happened to Jesus over the last few days. Jesus explained that God had told prophets over many years that the Saviour of the world must suffer and die to rescue people. – Slide 6
The men invited Jesus to stay with them in a home for the night. As they were eating Jesus took some bread, gave thanks for it and gave it to them. Immediately they recognised it was Jesus but He disappeared from their sight. They rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples. – Slide 7
Later on, the disciples were meeting in a room and they had locked the doors. Suddenly Jesus appeared in the room. ‘Don’t be afraid’ He said. They were all amazed as Jesus showed them His hands and feet and side where He had been wounded. One of the disciples called Thomas was not there with them. When the others told him they had seen Jesus he did not believe them. – Slide 8
Eight days later Jesus appeared to the disciples once more and this time Thomas was in the room. He saw the nail prints in Jesus’ hands and feet and the wound where the spear had pierced Him. ‘My Lord, My God’ cried Thomas. <br/>Jesus replied ‘You believe I am alive because you have seen Me. Happy are those who have not seen Me and believe.’ – Slide 9
Jesus appeared to many more people after He rose from the dead. But the time came for Him to return to heaven. He told His disciples that He was sending the Holy Spirit to help them. They were to go and tell everyone the good news of God’s forgiveness and love. Then Jesus rose up into the clouds and disappeared. An angel told the disciples that one day Jesus would return to earth again in the same way. – Slide 10
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