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Jesus and the Last Supper

Jesus arranges His last meal before He is crucified.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated websites: Portuguese, Hindi
It was almost time for the Passover celebration. Jesus told Peter and John to go into the city where they would see a man carrying a water jar. They should follow him home and say, ‘The teacher needs your room for the Passover meal.’ Then Jesus told them the man would show them a large upper room they could use. – Slide 1
So the two disciples did as they were told and soon found the man carrying a water jar, just as Jesus said. So they followed him to see where he would go. – Slide 2
The man finally came to a house and went inside. Peter and John followed and told him what Jesus had said. At once the man showed them a large upper room just as Jesus had told them. They began preparing the room and the food for the Passover meal. – Slide 3
There was no servant to wash the disciples’ feet when they arrived. During the Passover meal Jesus wrapped a towel around Him and began to wash the disciples’ feet. Jesus told them He wanted them to have the attitude of a servant and be prepared to help each other. ‘Love and serve each other as I am serving you now,’ Jesus said. – Slide 4
During the Passover meal Jesus said that someone was going to betray Him. All the disciples wondered who He meant. Jesus told Judas, ‘Do what you must do quickly.’ Judas left the room to go and betray Jesus to the Chief Priests. – Slide 5
Jesus then took some bread and spoke a blessing. He broke the bread and gave it to the disciples. ‘This is my body given to you. Do this to remember Me.’ – Slide 6
Then Jesus took the cup of wine and after saying thanks to God He gave it to His disciples to drink saying, ‘This is my blood, making a new agreement with God. My blood will be poured out to forgive sins.’ After drinking they sang a hymn and then Jesus led them outside towards the Mount of Olives. – Slide 7
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