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Abraham and Isaac

God shows Abraham the sacrifice to replace Isaac.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This is a story, found in the Bible, about a man called Abraham that God had promised to give a son. When that son was born he was called Isaac. Abraham loved Isaac and took care of him. – Slide 1
The one day, God wanted to test just how much Abraham trusted Him and said, ‘Take your only son, the son you love, and offer him as a sacrifice in the land of Moriah.’ Now Abraham knew that God would not want him to hurt his son in any way but could he trust God to provide another sacrifice? – Slide 2
Abraham did not question God, or argue with Him. He simply obeyed. – Slide 3
Early in the morning, Abraham woke up Isaac. – Slide 4
They took wood, two servants, provisions and a donkey then set off for the land of Moriah. – Slide 5
It was a long way and it took them three days to get there. – Slide 6
When they were close to the mountain God had chosen, Abraham said to his servants, ‘Wait here with the donkey. Isaac and I will go on to worship God then return to you.’ – Slide 7
Abraham placed the wood on Isaac’s back for him to carry. – Slide 8
Abraham also took fire in a pot and a knife before setting uphill to build an altar. – Slide 9
Isaac was puzzled. ‘Father?’ he said.<br/>‘Yes, Isaac?’ Abraham replied.<br/>‘We have fire and wood Isaac said, ‘but where is the lamb for the offering?’ – Slide 10
Abraham answered, ‘God will provide the lamb for the burnt offering.’ The two of them went on together. – Slide 11
They reached the top of the mount God had chosen and Abraham built an altar. – Slide 12
Abraham then laid the wood on the altar then bound his son and put him on top of the wood. Surely Abraham would not hurt the son he loved so much? – Slide 13
Abraham was still trusting God. He stretched out his hand to take the knife. Surely God would not allow him to sacrifice Isaac? After all hadn’t God promised him a son so he would be the father of a great nation? – Slide 14
He lifted the knife and was ready to use it when suddenly the angel of the Lord called out, ‘Abraham! Abraham!’ – Slide 15
‘Do not kill or harm your son.’ – Slide 16
At that moment Abraham saw a ram with its horns caught in a thicket. – Slide 17
Abraham quickly caught the ram and offered it as a sacrifice instead of Isaac. – Slide 18
As Abraham had trusted God, even up to the last minute, God promised to give him many descendants as many as there are stars in the sky or rains of sand on the beach. – Slide 19
About 2000 years after Abraham, God the Father gave His only Son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for our sins. – Slide 20
Jesus, the Son of God, was not spared at the last moment. He willingly offered Himself to die in our place. – Slide 21
As it says in John 3:16. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’ – Slide 22
Slide 23