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Ehud and King Eglon

Ehud, the left-handed assassin of Moabite King Eglon.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
You may think there is not much good to say about war, but the book of Judges, chapter 3, explains that out of something that is so awful there can be a positive side. – Slide 1
The people of Israel had sunk into many sinful ways so God allowed different nations to invade, rob and rule over them as a punishment. – Slide 2
But at the same time, God still loved the people of Israel and raised up different warriors and leaders known as judges to lead the nation back to Him. – Slide 3
One of these warriors was a man called Ehud. – Slide 4
The Moabites had been oppressing the Israelites for 18 long years when Ehud came on the scene. – Slide 5
The Bible says Ehud was raised up to be a deliverer. He was from the tribe of Benjamin and stood out from the crowd as he was left-handed. – Slide 6
One day, Ehud, devised a plan to help his people be delivered from the cruel Moabites. So he set off with the tribute gifts demanded each year by Eglon, the King of the Moabites. The king had feasted so much he was very overweight. – Slide 7
As Ehud was left-handed he wore his double-edged sword on the right hand side so he could draw it quickly. Before he met the king he hid the sword under his garments so no-one would see it. – Slide 8
Ehud arranged to see the king out in the open by some quarries. King Eglon was suspicious but he saw no sign of a sword on Ehud’s left side so he was happy to come closer. – Slide 9
Ehud revealed the tribute gifts for the king who was delighted to see the treasures. – Slide 10
The king thanked Ehud for the tribute and was about to depart when Ehud called to him. ‘I have a secret message for you,’ said Ehud.<br/>‘Meet me at my Summer palace,’ King Eglon replied. – Slide 11
Ehud walked into the King’s summer palace on his own. The king was in his own private room. ‘Everyone leave the room,’ the king commanded. The door was closed leaving just Ehud and King Eglon to share the secret. – Slide 12
Suddenly Ehud pulled the sword out from his right side. ‘ I have a message for you!’ he announced. ‘A message from God.’ – Slide 13
Before Eglon could summon help, Ehud stabbed the sword into the King’s big fat belly. The sword went in right up to the hilt. In fact it went in so far, Ehud could not pull it out. – Slide 14
The wicked king dropped to the floor. Ehud went to the doors and locked them from the outside, then made his escape. – Slide 15
Some of the King’s servants began wondering why he was spending so long in his room. They checked the doors and found them locked. ‘He must be having a rest,’ they concluded. – Slide 16
The servants came back later and used their key to unlock the doors. They just wanted to check the king was alright but he wasn’t. – Slide 17
They were too late. Ehud was long gone and his daring plan had succeeded. – Slide 18
As soon as he returned to his own territory, he blew a trumpet to summon fighters to gather. A small army was quickly assembled. – Slide 19
‘Follow me!’ cried Ehud. ‘The Lord has delivered the Moabites into our hands.’ – Slide 20
In the battle that followed, over 10,000 Moabites who had been oppressing the Israelites were killed. Some of the biggest, strongest and bravest soldiers in King Eglon’s army were cut down. God gave His people a great victory over their enemies. – Slide 21
Without their big leader Eglon, the Moabites were easy to defeat. They retreated and left the Israelites alone. – Slide 22
Thanks to the Lord and Ehud’s leadership, Israel was not bothered by the Moabites for 80 years. – Slide 23
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