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Elijah fed by ravens

God provides food for Elijah at Brook Cherith.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
Elijah was a prophet from the town of Tishbe in Gilead. – Slide 1
One day God told Elijah to go to Samaria with a message for wicked King Ahab who ruled the land. – Slide 2
So Elijah set off for the King’s palace. – Slide 3
King Ahab and Queen Jezebel had encouraged people to stop worshipping God and worship false idols instead. They had tried to kill all God’s prophets and brought in false prophets to replace them. – Slide 4
The King felt he was in control of everything and was very proud. – Slide 5
Suddenly Elijah appeared in front of him. ‘I serve the Lord, the God of Israel, he announced. – Slide 6
‘As surely as the Lord lives, I tell you the truth. No rain or dew will fall during the next few years unless I command it.’ – Slide 7
The king gasped. Who could stop the rain and dew? Surely his new false gods controlled the weather. After all wasn’t his god Baal the one who controlled rain and harvests? – Slide 8
Having delivered God’s message, Elijah rushed away. ‘Leave this place,’ God told him. – Slide 9
‘Go east and hide near the Kerith Ravine. It is east of the Jordan River. You may drink from the brook. – Slide 10
‘And I have commanded ravens to bring you food.’ <br/>Now ravens are very selfish birds. Would God use them to feed Elijah as he hid in the ravine? – Slide 11
Elijah did what the Lord told him to do. Just as God promised, ravens brought Elijah bread and meat every morning. – Slide 12
The ravens returned with bread and meat in the evening. – Slide 13
Elijah drank water from the brook. But days, weeks and months passed without any dew or rain. After a while the brook dried up. – Slide 14
The King and his people asked their false gods to send rain but no rain fell. People were getting thirsty and cattle were dying. – Slide 15
What would Elijah do now he had no more fresh water to drink? God had a new plan to keep His prophet safe.  ‘Go out of the country to Zarephath in Sidon,’ God told Elijah. – Slide 16
I have commanded a widow there to take care of you.’ So Elijah made his way out of the ravine and headed north out of Israel into the land of Sidon. He knew God would provide food and drink for him. – Slide 17
Slide 18