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Esther - Part 1: Esther becomes queen

Esther, a Jew, becomes the Queen of Persia.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
This is a wonderful true story of a young woman who loved the Lord and how God used her to save the Jewish people from destruction. Here are the main characters in the story. On the left is Esther and her uncle Haman. Next is King Ahasuerus and a powerful man called Haman. – Slide 1
The Bible opens the story of Esther with a feast hosted by the ruler of the Medes and Persians, King Ahasuerus. It was attended by all the important people in his vast empire. – Slide 2
During the feast the King decided to call his wife to entertain the guests so he sent a servant to fetch her. – Slide 3
But the queen refused to attend. The king was furious at this snub. – Slide 4
‘What should I do with my wife who refused to obey me?’ he fumed to his wise men. – Slide 5
‘Well,’ they said, ‘If you don’t punish her all the women in the land will copy her.’ – Slide 6
So they suggested that the king made an example of the queen by replacing her. The king liked this idea. – Slide 7
A royal proclamation was made throughout the kingdom of Persia calling for all suitable young women to apply for the position of queen. – Slide 8
One of the king’s subjects was a man called Mordecai. He was a Jew who lived near the palace. – Slide 9
Mordecai was the uncle of a beautiful young woman called Esther. He was her guardian and looked after her. – Slide 10
When Modecai heard the king was looking for a new queen he suggested that Esther apply. She agreed to try. – Slide 11
Esther went to the palace and joined the other beautiful woman. – Slide 12
A whole year passed as the women were given beauty treatments and perfumes in preparation. Then one by one they went to see the king. At last it was Esther’s turn. – Slide 13
As soon as the king saw Esther he fell in love with her. He liked Esther more than all the other young women hoping to become queen. – Slide 14
The king announced that Esther should be crowned and become the new queen of Persia. – Slide 15
Soon after Esther became queen Mordecai heard about a plot to kill the king. Two men, Bigthan and Teresh, were involved. – Slide 16
Mordecai told Esther about the plot and Esther reported them to the king. – Slide 17
The king was very angry. He had Bigthan and Teresh arrested and put on trial. They were both found guilty. – Slide 18
The king sentenced them both to death. Haman and Esther had saved the king’s life and the king’s scribes wrote an account of this plot in their history of the king’s reign. Let’s find out what happened next in part 2 of this story. – Slide 19
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