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Esther - Part 2: Haman rises to power

Haman plots to kill all the Jews in Persia.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Soon after the plot to kill King Ahasuerus was uncovered, the king decided to promote a man called Haman to a very powerful position in his empire. Haman was very pleased. He was a descendant of King Agag of the Amalekites, a race that hated the Jews. – Slide 1
Haman liked being important. Everywhere he went, he made sure people bowed to him, in the same way people bow to worship a god. – Slide 2
But one man refused to bow down when Haman paraded by. It was Mordecai. Do you know why? – Slide 3
Mordecai was a Jew who obeyed the ten commandments given to Moses. God had commanded His people not to bow down and worship anyone or anything but Him. – Slide 4
When proud Haman saw that Mordecai the Jew refused to bow to him, he was very angry. – Slide 5
Haman wanted to kill Mordecai but then he thought: ‘Why not kill all the Jews?’ – Slide 6
Haman came up with a wicked plan. He went to the king and said: ‘Your majesty, there are some really bad people who live in your kingdom.’ The king was eager to know more. – Slide 7
‘All those bad people in your kingdom should be destroyed,’ said Haman. ‘I can arrange this for you and will put a lot of my own money towards it.’ – Slide 8
The king agreed with Haman and gave him the money and servants to put his evil plan into action. A date was set for destruction of all the Jewish people living in Persia. – Slide 9
A royal proclamation was made in all 127 provinces of Persia. On a certain day, all the Jewish men women and children were to be killed. – Slide 10
When Mordecai heard about Haman’s plans he was very sad. He put on old scratchy clothes called sackcloth worn by those who were mourning. – Slide 11
Mordecai sat outside the gate of the king’s palace and talked to other Jews about Haman and his evil plan. – Slide 12
Soon Queen Esther heard about Haman’s plan. She was a Jew but the king did not know this. She sent a servant to Mordecai asking him for advice. – Slide 13
Mordecai gave a copy of Haman’s plan to her. ‘What can I do?’ she asked. – Slide 14
Mordecai told her if Haman had his way, she, her family and all her Jewish friends would soon be dead. ‘But maybe,’ said Mordecai. ‘God has allowed you to become queen for a reason?’ – Slide 15
All the Jews fasted and prayed to God for three days . Queen Esther decided to speak to the king, but the king had a rule that nobody was allows to enter his throne room without permission. – Slide 16
If anyone came into the throne room without permission, and the king did not extend the royal sceptre, they would be executed. – Slide 17
Esther prepared her heart and bravely entered the throne room. When the king saw her he extended his sceptre. – Slide 18
‘What can I do for you?’ the king asked. ‘Ask me anything you like.’ <br/>I would like you to come to a feast,’ Esther replied. ‘And I would like to invite Haman too.’ – Slide 19
The king liked the request and so did Haman. In fact Haman was so delighted he went home to brag about it to his wife. – Slide 20
On the way he passed Mordecai who still refused to bow to him. Now that made Haman really, really angry. – Slide 21
When Haman got home he boasted to his wife, ‘The queen herself has invited me to a feast with the King. ‘Just me and the king and queen.’ – Slide 22
Haman’s wife was pleased. ‘I think you should build a gallows. Then, tomorrow you can ask the king for permission to hang Mordecai.’ Is this the end of Mordecai? We’ll find out in part 3 of this story. – Slide 23
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