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Sleepy Eutychus

Eutychus falls out of a window as Paul preaches.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Eutychus was a young man living in the city of Troas (in modern day Turkey). – Slide 1
One day a ship arrived in the city port carrying the Apostle Paul and a few other Christians who were travelling with him. Paul had preached in Troas before and those who had become Christians met in houses to worship God. – Slide 2
The next Sunday evening the Christians in Troas met to hear Paul speak. They packed into an upstairs room on the third floor of a building. – Slide 3
One of those trying to find a space to sit was Eutychus. He decided to perch on the ledge of an open window. – Slide 4
Paul talked and talked and Eutycus became tired. The room was hot from the many lamps, and soon Eutychus began to doze off. – Slide 5
Eutychus fell asleep then he fell – asleep. It was a long way down to the street and when he struck it he was killed. – Slide 6
Paul went down and took Eutychus into his arms. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said, ‘he’s all right!’ And Eutychus came back to life! – Slide 7
A wave of awesome joy swept through the crowd! They all went back upstairs and ate the Lord’s Supper together. Then Paul preached another long sermon that lasted until dawn! Eutychus was taken home alive and well. – Slide 8
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