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Ezekiel - God's spokesman in Babylon - part 1

Ezekiel speaks for God to the captive Jews in Babylon.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
God had warned His disobedient people that if they did not repent of their wicked ways He would allow them to be captured and become slaves into the land of Babylon. They did not repent and King Nebuchadnezzar invaded and took a large group of exiles back to Babylon. One of the captives was Ezekiel whom God chose to be His prophet and spokesman to the Jews living as slaves in this strange land. – Slide 1
God told Ezekiel, ‘Stand up and listen to Me! I am sending you to speak to some very disobedient people who are very stubborn and argumentative. – Slide 2
‘These bad people are like thorns and thistles and spiky plants. – Slide 3
‘They are also like scorpions who have a terrible sting. They will hate you and think of ways to harm you. – Slide 4
‘Don’t be afraid of what they look like, or what they say to you. Just tell them My words.’ – Slide 5
Then God showed Ezekiel a picture of a hand holding a scroll of paper. – Slide 6
The paper unrolled itself and Ezekiel saw there were words written on both sides of the scroll. The words described the punishments God was going to bring on these disobedient people. – Slide 7
Then God told Ezekiel to take the scroll and eat it. He obeyed. God’s words tasted sweet – just like honey. – Slide 8
As soon as Ezekiel had eaten the roll of paper, God lifted him up to the sky and surrounded him with glory! – Slide 9
After being overcome with the glory of God, Ezekiel was taken and placed back on the ground beside the River Chebar in Babylon. – Slide 10
Ezekiel was so overwhelmed by all he had seen and heard, he just stayed by the river for a whole week without speaking. – Slide 11
God then told Ezekiel, ‘When I ask you to speak to these disobedient people you must obey Me. They might listen to you and they might change their ways. – Slide 12
‘But if you refuse to tell these people what I say, then I will hold you responsible. They need to hear my warnings so they have a chance to escape the punishments I am going to bring on them.’ – Slide 13
Ezekiel started going to the Jews living in Babylon and told them God wanted them to turn from their wicked ways and obey Him. – Slide 14
Soon after that God’s glory shone all around Ezekiel and it was so bright God told him to go into his house and shut himself inside. – Slide 15
Ezekiel did as he was told. To find out what happened next, read part 2 of this story. – Slide 16
Slide 17