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The patient farmer

James teaches about patience and uses a vineyard farmer as an example.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
When James was writing to tell Christians about the promised return of Jesus, he told them wait patiently. To help them understand this, he referred to a farmer with a vineyard waiting patiently for his grapes to grow and ripen. – Slide 1
The farmer had pruned and prepared his vines for a big harvest. – Slide 2
But he has to wait as the grapes begin to grow. At the moment they are very small and will taste sour. – Slide 3
He must wait for the early rains that will water the plants and help the grapes grow. – Slide 4
But even then they are still not as big and juicy as they need to be. They are not yet ready to be picked. He must keep waiting. – Slide 5
He waits for the second rainy season. This is needed to help the grapes grow large and succulent. Now he must wait for the sun to ripen them. – Slide 6
At last the grapes are ready to be picked. The farmer has had to wait for a long time before his crop is ready for harvest. – Slide 7
The Bible tells Christians to be patient. Jesus will gather His people when the time is right. – Slide 8
So those who trust in Jesus must wait patently for Him and be ready for His return. Jesus will come again in the right season and at the right time. – Slide 9
Slide 10