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Jesus and the graveyard man

Jesus meets a demonic wild man.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Jesus and His disciples set sail from Capernaum to the other side of Lake Galilee to a region known as Gerasene country. – Slide 1
Many who lived in this region were not Jews but Gentiles. Some kept large herds of pigs. – Slide 2
Now there was a man living by the shore in a cemetery among the tombs in a graveyard. – Slide 3
He was under the control of evil spirits and behaved very strangely. He wandered around naked among the graves. Other people were scared of him as he was so strong. In the past they had put him in chains but the evils spirits controlling him had snapped the chains, allowing him to terrorise people again. – Slide 4
As soon as he saw Jesus, he shrieked and fell to the ground before Him, screaming, ‘What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of God Most High? Please, I beg you, oh, don’t torment me!’ The evil spirits inside the man knew Jesus was the Son of God and much more powerful than them. – Slide 5
‘What is your name?’ Jesus asked the evil spirits controlling the man. ‘Legion,’ he replied, for he was controlled by many of them. The evil spirits kept begging Jesus not to order them into the Bottomless Pit. – Slide 6
A herd of pigs was feeding on the mountainside nearby, and the demons pleaded with Jesus to let them enter into the pigs. Jesus commanded them to leave the man and enter the pigs instead. – Slide 7
So, the evil spirits left the man and went into the pigs, and immediately the whole herd rushed down the mountainside and fell over a cliff into the lake below, where they drowned. – Slide 8
The herdsmen rushed away to the nearby city, spreading the news as they ran. A crowd came out to see what had happened and saw the man who had been controlled by evil spirits sitting quietly at Jesus’ feet, clothed and sane! The whole crowd were so frightened they begged Jesus to go away and leave them alone. Jesus told the man to go and tell his family and friends how he had been set free from these evil spirits. Then He returned to the boat and left, crossing back to the other side of the lake. – Slide 9
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