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Who is the greatest?

Jesus uses a child to illustrate His teaching.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Jesus’ followers came to Him and asked, ‘Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ – Slide 1
They were expecting Jesus to name one of the great heroes of the past. They were hoping He might say it was one of them. – Slide 2
Jesus called a little child to Him … – Slide 3
… and stood the child in front of them. – Slide 4
Then He said, ‘I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. – Slide 5
'The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes himself humble like this child. Whoever accepts a little child in my name accepts Me. – Slide 6
'If one of these little children believes in Me, and someone causes that child to sin, then it will be very bad for that person. It would be better for that person that a large heavy millstone was tied around his neck … – Slide 7
'… and he was thrown into the depths of the sea.' – Slide 8
It is a terrible thing to harm children or lead them astray. – Slide 9
Slide 10