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The lost little lamb

A 'find the lost sheep' story for young children.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Jesus once told a story about a sheep that got lost. This story is about a little lamb who wandered off. If you see the little lamb in any of the pictures point him out. <br/>There once was a shepherd who had 100 sheep. Can you see a little lamb in the shepherd’s arms? – Slide 1
One day the shepherd took his sheep to feed in the open grasslands. Little lamb decided to go exploring. Can you see little lamb? – Slide 2
Little lamb went walking and walking. Soon he could no longer see his shepherd anywhere. Can you see the little lamb? – Slide 3
The shepherd counted his sheep back into the sheep fold … 97-98-99. One of his sheep was missing. ‘Where is my little lamb?’ he wondered. ‘I must find him.’ – Slide 4
Little lamb saw a very big animal, ‘Have you seen my shepherd?’ he asked. The animal growled, ‘No, keep looking.’ Little lamb felt a little bit frightened. – Slide 5
Little Lamb wandered on. Can you see him? What other animals can you see? (Left to right: bee-eater bird, panda, possum, ibex, poison dart frog, rosella parrot, rabbit, bear) – Slide 6
The shepherd left his sheep safely in the sheepfold and went searching for lost little lamb. He could not see him anywhere. ‘I love my little lamb and will keep looking,’ he said. – Slide 7
Little lamb did not know the danger he was in by wandering away from the shepherd. Can you see him? What other animals can you see? (Left to right: parrot, tarsier, jaguar, crab, snake, frog). Which of these animals might have hurt little lamb? – Slide 8
Little lamb kept looking round looking for his shepherd. He felt really lost and alone. ‘Have you seen my shepherd?’ he asked. A sloth swinging in the trees replied, ‘I would help you look but I’m too slow.’ A red tamarim and a brown squirrel looked around and shook their heads. – Slide 9
A very tired little lamb wandered on and on. It was very hot. Can you see him? What other animals can you see? (Left to right: otter, bison, marmot, bald eagle, grass snake, racoon). – Slide 10
‘It will be dark soon,’ whispered little lamb, ‘I must hurry.’ Can you see him bounding along? God made all the animals in this picture. Do you know what they are called? (Left to right: Echidna, heron, crocodile, brachiosaurus, bird, butterfly). – Slide 11
It began to feel very cold. Where is little lamb now? – Slide 12
The ground felt very slippery. ‘Do you know the way to my shepherd?’ little lamb bleated. ‘No,’ said the penguins. The snowy owl looked away. The seal just laughed. – Slide 13
‘Where am I now?’ Little Lamb wondered. How foolish he was to have wandered off. He was really, really lost. – Slide 14
Was his shepherd a good shepherd? Was his shepherd looking for him? Did his shepherd love him enough to keep searching for him? That night little lamb was all on his own. – Slide 15
The next morning little lamb woke and looked around for his shepherd but all he saw were big scary animals looking at him. Can you see the shepherd? – Slide 16
Little lamb ran away down the path but ran into thorns and briers. He was so lost and alone. – Slide 17
Tears began to fall down his face. He had no-one to help him. No-one to love him. No-one to rescue him. <br/>Can you see anyone who can help the lost little lamb? – Slide 18
Suddenly little lamb heard someone calling his name and putting his arms around him to pull him away from the thorns. It was his shepherd! The good shepherd who loved and cared for him. – Slide 19
‘Follow me,’ said the shepherd as they set off for the sheepfold.  Little lamb followed but was very tired. So the shepherd picked him up and carried him on his shoulders. – Slide 20
The shepherd was so happy to bring his lost little lamb home. ‘Be happy with me,’ he shouted. ‘I have found the sheep that was lost.’ Jesus told the story of the lost sheep to help us understand how much He loves us. Even when we disobey and get into trouble He want us to turn to Him for help. He will find us and keep us safe. – Slide 21
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