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The 10 commandments

God gives Moses ten rules for us to obey.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
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Have you ever heard of the ten commandments? This is how God gave His rules for living to a man called Moses. – Slide 1
Three months after God led the Israelites out of Egypt they arrived at the base of a large mountain, called Mount Sinai in the hot desert wilderness. – Slide 2
God told Moses to climb on his own to the top of the mountain so He could talk with him. – Slide 3
God said to Moses, ‘Tell the people to wash themselves and get ready, because I am about to come down and speak to you at the top of the mountain. – Slide 4
Moses and the people did as God asked and got themselves clean and ready. Three days later there was thunder and flashes of lightning. A thick cloud covered the mountain. People were terrified. – Slide 5
It was then that God gave His ten commandments to Moses. They are ten rules to help us live at peace with God and each other. – Slide 6
Rule number 1. <br/>God is the one true God. Put Him first in your life and make Him more important than anyone or anything else. – Slide 7
Rule number 2. <br/>You should only worship and serve God not anyone or anything else. – Slide 8
Rule number 3. <br/>You must only ever use God’s name with respect and reverence, never as a name to mock or swear. – Slide 9
Rule number 4. <br/>You must remember the Sabbath as a day a rest. You can work on the six other days but the Sabbath day is a holy day to worship God and relax. – Slide 10
Rule number 5. <br/>You must honour and obey your parents. God promises a long life to you if you do. – Slide 11
Rule number 6. <br/>You must never murder anyone. Jesus said we should not hate anyone either. – Slide 12
Rule number 7. <br/>You must be faithful to the person you marry and not have affairs with anyone else. – Slide 13
Rule number 8. <br/>You must not steal. Respect other people’s property. – Slide 14
Rule number 9. <br/>Do not tell lies. This includes saying things about other people that are not true. – Slide 15
Rule number 10. <br/>Do not be envious of what other have or be greedy. – Slide 16
Jesus later summed up the ten commandments by saying, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.’ This is the first and most important command. And the second command is like the first: ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ Matthew 22:36-40 – Slide 17
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