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Peter tries to walk on water

Jesus walks on water but Peter sinks.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
One quiet afternoon … <br/>A boat moves away from the shore of Lake Galilee. The water gently laps against the stones on the shore. – Slide 1
The men in the boat are tired. A gentle breeze tugs at the sail. – Slide 2
Gradually the sun sinks … <br/>And the day is nearly over. The boat slowly makes it across the very large lake to the other side. – Slide 3
Back on the shore Someone is praying. His name is Jesus. – Slide 4
Jesus had worked hard all day helping and healing people. He needs to pray and has told His disciples to sail on home across Lake Galilee. – Slide 5
The men in the boat can no longer see Him. But He knows where they are. <br/>Jesus rises from prayer and walks down to the shore. – Slide 6
In the boat the disciples are wondering … <br/>How will Jesus get across the large lake? He does not have a boat. – Slide 7
The boat bobs and dips as it moves across the lake. A wind has sprung up. They pull in the sail. – Slide 8
The boat begins to sway from side to side tossed by the waves. Suddenly the men see a strange sight. A figure appears in the distance. – Slide 9
It is someone walking on the water! Who can it be? <br/>It must be a ghost! – Slide 10
It is not a ghost. It is Jesus, walking on the water. – Slide 11
Peter recognises who it is.‘It’s Jesus! He is walking towards us.’ – Slide 12
The others are puzzled.‘How can this be? No-one can walk on water!’ <br/>But they can all see Jesus walking on the deep waters. – Slide 13
‘Don’t be afraid,’ Jesus shouts. ‘It’s me.’ – Slide 14
But they are afraid. They know it is impossible to walk on water. Just then, Peter has a bright idea. – Slide 15
‘Lord,’ shouts Peter. ‘If it really is you, invite me to walk on the water to you.’ <br/>What would Jesus say? – Slide 16
Jesus replies. ‘Come on then.’ <br/>Very cautiously, Peter lifts his leg over the side of the boat. – Slide 17
His toes touch the water. It’s cold and wet, just like real water. He places his foot on the sea. He is now standing on the water. – Slide 18
Peter holds onto the side of the boat, expecting to sink, but the water holds him up. – Slide 19
He lets go of the boat. The wind blows stronger and a storm is breaking. But Peter is standing on the sea. – Slide 20
‘Look at me,’ thought an excited Peter. ‘Hey just one foot. I’m doing the impossible – walking on water.’ – Slide 21
He steps towards Jesus. – Slide 22
The boat is now out of reach. He keeps walking. But the wind is loud and the waves are crashing. – Slide 23
Peter suddenly looks down at the waves. He looks away from Jesus and sees how far he is away from the boat. He panics, becomes scared and begins to sink. – Slide 24
‘Help, help,’ Peter shouts. ‘Save me Lord!’ – Slide 25
Jesus reaches out His hand and pulls Peter up to his feet again. <br/>‘Peter, you have such little faith,’ Jesus tells him, ‘why did you doubt?’ They both stand together on the water. – Slide 26
Then Jesus and Peter walk back to the boat together. The men on the boat watch in amazement. – Slide 27
‘We have seen a great miracle,’ they shout. ‘Jesus, must be the Son of God.’ – Slide 28
They worship Jesus. There is no doubt. No-one could walk on water unless God’s power was at work. – Slide 29
But Jesus does not reply. He does not need to. He knows who He is. – Slide 30
Slide 31