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Jesus speaks about the Pharisees

The burden of the Pharisees' rules.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
When Jesus was teaching on earth there were a group of Jews known as the Pharisees. They were known as the ‘separated ones’ as they tried to separate themselves from doing anything to break God’s laws or associate with anyone they thought was breaking God’s rules. The problem with the Pharisees was that they made up lots of their own extra rules that they expected everyone to obey. And when others did not obey their rules they looked down on them as sinners. Some of the Pharisees were so proud of keeping their rules they were very judgmental of those who didn’t live like them. – Slide 1
Jesus warned his disciples not to have the same judgmental attitude as the Pharisees. – Slide 2
Jesus said, ‘The teachers of the law and the Pharisees have the authority to tell you what the law of Moses says.  So you should obey and follow whatever they tell you. But their lives are not good examples for you to follow. – Slide 3
‘They tell you to do things, but they don’t do the things themselves. They make strict rules and try to force people to obey them. But they themselves will not try to follow any of those rules.’ – Slide 4
Jesus said that the Pharisees made up so many rules and traditions it was like putting a huge burden on someone’s back. – Slide 5
They put this burden of rules and laws on people but did not help them in any way. – Slide 6
‘The reason they do good things is so other people will see them,’ said Jesus. ‘They make the boxes of Scriptures that they wear bigger and bigger. And they make their special prayer clothes very long so that people will notice them. – Slide 7
‘These Pharisees and teachers of the law love to have the most important seats at the feasts. And they love to have the most important seats in the synagogues. – Slide 8
‘They love people to show respect to them in the marketplaces and to be known as ‘Teacher’. <br/>‘But you must not be called “Teacher”. You are all brothers and sisters together. You have only one Teacher - the Christ. <br/>‘He who serves you as a servant is the greatest among you. Whoever makes himself great will be made humble. Whoever makes himself humble will be made great.’ – Slide 9
Slide 10