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Shamgar - the mighty Judge

Shamgar fights 600 Philistines with an ox-goad.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Shamgar was a champion for God. There is only one verse in the Bible about him but what it says in that one verse tells us a lot about him. – Slide 1
Shamgar was a judge who taught people to obey God’s laws. The Philistines living nearby kept threatening God’s people and stealing from them. Shamgar did not have a sword to fight back – instead he relied on God’s power and a long pointed stick called an ox-goad. – Slide 2
An ox-goad was used to prod an ox to get it moving again as it pulled a heavy cart or plough. – Slide 3
To the tough Philistines with their metal weapons Shamgar did not look well-equipped for battle. But he was skillful and well trained in using his ox-goad. – Slide 4
There were Philistines wanting to steal his crops and they may have thought this would be easy. – Slide 5
With God’s power and his ox-goad, Shamgar was able to fight off and strike down 600 Philistines who threatened God’s people. – Slide 6
Well, you may not have an ox-goad but you can use a another type of pointed stick  - a pencil or stylus - in a powerful way to write down scriptures and learn them. God’s Word is very powerful in our fight to obey God and live as He wants. – Slide 7
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