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Signs in the sky

Jesus, the Messiah, talks about the sky.
Contributed by Richard Gunther
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Some Jewish leaders asked Jesus whether He was the promised Saviour – the Messiah – God has promised to send to save the world. <br/>Jesus answered this question in a way that would make them think and talked about the weather. – Slide 1
‘If the sky is coloured red in the evening what weather do people say will follow the next day?’ – Slide 2
‘If there is a red sky at night we see this as a sign there will be good weather the next day,’ they replied. (People today have a saying about this that goes: ‘Red sky at night – shepherds’ delight.) – Slide 3
Then Jesus asked, ‘And if the sky is coloured red in the morning what weather do you expect? – Slide 4
‘We can expect cold rainy weather,’ the Jewish leaders answered. (People today still say the same. The saying is: <br/>‘Red sky at night – shepherds’ delight. <br/>Red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning.’) – Slide 5
Then Jesus told them, ‘You can look in the sky and see signs to forecast the weather but you cannot see the signs that God’s Saviour the Messiah is here.’ – Slide 6
The Jewish leaders had heard Jesus teach about God and seen the many wonderful miracles He did. <br/>All these were signs He is the Promised Son of God, the Saviour of the world. – Slide 7
But although they had seen all these signs, they would not accept that Jesus is the Promised Messiah, God had sent to save them. – Slide 8
When you look up in the sky can you tell what weather to expect? <br/>When you hear about all the wonderful things Jesus did to show God’s power, who do you think He is? – Slide 9
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