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Moses and the Red Sea

God opens up a path through the Red Sea.
Contributed by René Pfitzner
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Polish, Hindi
When the King of Egypt (Pharaoh) heard that the Israelites had finally left, he and his officials changed their minds and said … – Slide 1
‘Look what we have done. We have let them get away and they will no longer be our slaves.’ – Slide 2
The king got his war chariot and army ready. – Slide 3
He commanded the officers in charge of his 600 best chariots to chase after the Israelites. – Slide 4
The Lord made the king so stubborn that he went after them. – Slide 5
The Israelites were on their way towards the Promised Land. But the Egyptian king’s horses, chariots and soldiers started to catch up with them while they were camping by the Red Sea. – Slide 6
When the Israelites saw the king coming with his army … – Slide 7
…they were frightened … – Slide 8
… and begged the Lord for help. – Slide 9
They also complained to Moses. – Slide 10
‘Wasn’t there enough room in Egypt to bury us? Is that why you brought us out here to die in the desert? Why did you bring us out here anyway? – Slide 11
‘While we were there, didn’t we tell you to leave us alone? – Slide 12
‘We’d rather be slaves in Egypt that die in this desert!’ – Slide 13
But Moses answered, ‘Don’t be afraid. Be brave and you will see the Lord save you today. – Slide 14
‘These Egyptians will never bother you again. The Lord will fight for you and you won’t have to do a thing.’ – Slide 15
The Lord said to Moses, ‘Why do you keep calling out to Me for help? Tell the Israelites to move forward, then, hold your walking stick over the sea. – Slide 16
‘The water will open up and make a road where you can walk through on dry ground. I will make the Egyptians so stubborn that they will go after you. – Slide 17
‘Then I will be praised for what happens to the King and his chariots and cavalry. The Egyptians will know for sure that I am the Lord.’ – Slide 18
All this time God’s angel had gone ahead of God’s army but now he moved behind them. A large cloud had also gone ahead of them but now it moved between the Egyptians and the Israelites. – Slide 19
The cloud gave light to the Israelites but … – Slide 20
… made it dark for the Egyptians. During the night they could not come any closer. – Slide 21
Moses stretched his arm over the sea and the Lord sent a strong east wind that blew all night until there was dry land where the water had been. – Slide 22
The sea opened up and the Israelites walked through on dry land with a wall of water on each side. – Slide 23
The Egyptian chariots and cavalry went after them. – Slide 24
But before daylight the Lord looked down on the Egyptian army from the fiery cloud and made them panic. – Slide 25
The chariot wheels got stuck and it was hard for them to move. – Slide 26
So, the Egyptians said to one another, ‘Let’s leave these people alone. The Lord is on their side and is fighting against us.’ – Slide 27
The lord told Moses, ‘Stretch out your arm towards the sea. – Slide 28
The water will cover the Egyptians and their cavalry and chariots. – Slide 29
Moses stretched out his arm and at daybreak the water rushed towards the Egyptians. – Slide 30
They tried to run away but they were drowned in the sea. The water came and covered the chariots and cavalry. Not one of the Egyptian army that had followed the Israelites into the sea was left alive. – Slide 31
On that day, when the Israelites saw the bodies of the Egyptians washed up on the shore … – Slide 32
… they knew that the Lord had saved them. – Slide 33
Because of the mighty power God had used against the Egyptians, the Israelites worshipped Him. – Slide 34
They trusted in God and His servant Moses. – Slide 35
Slide 36