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An angel told Mary that she had been chosen to be the mother of God’s son. God told Joseph to call His son Jesus as this name meant ‘Saviour’ - ‘He would save people from their sins.’ – Slide 1
Jesus grew up showing the love of God to others. He loved children and wanted their mothers to bring them to Him so he could pray a prayer of blessing over them. – Slide 2
Jesus had God’s power to do amazing things. One day he fed over 5,000 people with just two small fish and five loaves of bread, – Slide 3
He also healed those who came to Him for help. Lame people walked, sick people recovered and blind people were able to see. – Slide 4
But Jesus knew the reason God had sent Him into the world was to take the punishment for our sin so that we could be forgiven. He knew He must suffer and die. He asked God to help Him go through with this plan to save us. – Slide 5
Jesus had done nothing wrong. He was badly treated by wicked men and sentenced to die. – Slide 6
He was put on a cross where His blood was shed as the price for taking the punishment for our sin deserves. He died that we might be forgiven and His body was buried in a tomb. – Slide 7
Three days later, just as God had promised, Jesus was raised to life. It was proof that God has the power to bring the dead to life. God’s plan to save us had been put into action. Jesus had made a way for us to be forgiven and be friends with God. God has the power to give us eternal life too. – Slide 8
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