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The story of Ruth - part 2

Ruth gathers grain in the fields of Boaz who provides for her.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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After Naomi and Ruth arrive in Bethlehem they needed food. ‘Let me go into the barley fields to pick up the leftover grain.’ The poor were allowed to pick up grain that the harvesters had left on the ground. ‘Go ahead, my daughter,’ Naomi replied. – Slide 1
Ruth went into the fields belonging to Boaz. Boaz was a relative of Noami’s dead husband Elimelek. Later Boaz arrived and greeted the harvesters. ‘The Lord be with you.’ The harvesters replied, ‘The Lord bless you.’ – Slide 2
Boaz noticed Ruth collecting grain with the poor. ‘Who is that woman?’ he asked the man in charge of the harvesting. ‘She is the Moabite who returned with Naomi,’ he answered. ‘She asked permission to pick up grain and has been working hard.’ – Slide 3
Boaz went across to Ruth. ‘Stay in these fields with the women who work for me,’ Boaz told her. ‘I have told the men not to lay a hand on you. When you get thirsty help yourself to the water jars the men have filled.’ – Slide 4
Ruth bowed down before Boaz. ‘Why are you treating a foreigner so kindly?’ she asked. – Slide 5
‘I have been told how you have cared for Naomi,’ Boaz answered. ‘May God, under whose wings you have taken refuge, richly reward you.’ ‘Even though I am lower than one of your servants you have spoken kindly to me and put me at my ease,’ Ruth responded. – Slide 6
At mealtime Boaz invited her to eat with the other harvesters. ‘Have some bread and dip it in the wine vinegar,’ he said. He offered her roasted grain. Ruth ate all she wanted. – Slide 7
When Ruth got up to continue working Boaz gave secret orders to his men. ‘Let her gather among the sheaves without telling her off. Even pull out some stalks from the bundles and drop them for her to gather.’ Ruth busily gathered grain until the evening. – Slide 8
Ruth threshed the barley she had gathered and took it home to Naomi. It was a large amount, about 30 pounds (13 kilograms). She also brought Naomi the food leftover from the meal she had with Boaz and the harvesters. – Slide 9
‘Where did you gather grain today?’ Naomi asked. ‘Who is the man who has been kind to you?’ ‘Boaz, Ruth replied. ‘The Lord bless him,’ said Naomi. ‘He is a close relative we know as a guardian-redeemer. He has an obligation to look after a relative who is in need.’ – Slide 10
From that point on Ruth continued gathering grain in the fields belonging to Boaz. She stayed close to the other women gathering grain knowing she would be safe. She worked hard in the barley harvest and then in the wheat harvest that followed making sure that Naomi had enough food to eat. – Slide 11
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