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Moses and the Burning Bush

God tells Moses about the mission He has for him.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated websites: Portuguese, Hindi
Moses looked after the sheep belonging to Jethro, his father in law, who was a priest of Midian .One day he led the flock across the desert to the Mountain of God called Horeb. – Slide 1
As he was looking after the sheep, Moses saw a flame of fire set a bush alight, but the fire did not destroy the bush. The bush kept burning. Moses went to see this amazing sight and heard the Lord speak to him out of the flames. God told Moses to take off his sandals because the ground he stood on was holy. So Moses obeyed. – Slide 2
Then God said, to him ‘I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’ Moses was very afraid. <br/>God said, ‘I have seen how My people suffer as slaves in Egypt and I am going to free them and take them to a land I have promised to give them. It flows with with milk and honey. You will go to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let My people go!’ – Slide 3
But Moses was afraid, and thought that the Israelites would not believe him. God told him to say that ‘I AM’ sent him.  To prove that they would be delivered, God ordered Moses to throw down the rod in his hand. Immediately it turned into a serpent. Moses was terrified but the Lord then told him to pick it up by the tail and it became a rod once more. – Slide 4
But Moses was still afraid and so God gave him another sign. ‘Put your hand inside your cloak.’ When Moses did it became white with leprosy, a terrible skin disease.. Then when Moses put his hand back inside his cloak it became normal again. <br/>But still Moses made excuses, ‘I am a poor speaker,’ he insisted. God was angry now and He told him that Aaron his brother could speak on his behalf. – Slide 5
Finally Moses was ready to do what God had said. God told him that at that very moment Aaron was already travelling to meet him. Moses left the burning bush with the rod in his hand. He would use it to show the signs of God to Aaron and the Israelites so they would believe. – Slide 6
Moses returned to his father-in-law Jethro to say goodbye and then headed for Egypt. – Slide 7
Moses took his wife and sons, put them on a donkey and set off for Egypt with the rod of God in his hand. – Slide 8
Along the way he met his brother Aaron who was very glad to see him again. Moses told his brother everything that God had said and all the signs he had performed. – Slide 9
And when Moses and Aaron arrived back in Egypt they had a meeting with all the elders of Israel. Aaron told them everything God had said and performed the signs that Moses had seen at the burning bush. – Slide 10
The people believed what they were told. They knew that God had seen their suffering and wanted to help them. So they bowed their heads and worshipped Him. – Slide 11
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