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God provides food for Elijah

Elijah, the great drought and ravens.
Contributed by Sue Bentley
Story also available on our translated websites: Portuguese, Hindi
Elijah the Tishbite was a prophet in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. One day God gave him a message to take to the King. – Slide 1
King Ahab and his wife Queen Jezebel were very wicked rulers. They worshipped false gods instead of the one true God. – Slide 2
When Elijah found the King and Queen he said to them, 'The Lord God of Israel whom I serve, declares there will be no dew or rain until He says so.' God was very unhappy with the King and Queen and all the people for worshipping false gods who they thought controlled the weather. – Slide 3
Then God told Elijah to go to a place called the Brook Cherith where He had commanded ravens to feed the prophet. The birds brought Elijah meat and bread every morning and evening. He drank water from the brook. – Slide 4
After a while the brook dried up because there was no rain in the land. Then God told Elijah to go on a journey. – Slide 5
He was to go to another land to a place called Zarapheth. God told Elijah, 'There is a widow woman there who will take care of you.' <br/>So Elijah obeyed the Lord and travelled over the border to Zarapheth. – Slide 6
When he came to the city gates the widow was at the entrance collecting sticks. – Slide 7
Elijah asked the woman to bring him a drink and also something to eat. – Slide 8
The woman answered 'As the Lord your God lives I have only a little flour and a little oil. I collected these sticks to make a fire and have one last meal with my son before we die.' – Slide 9
Elijah answered, 'Do not be afraid. Make the meal but give me something to eat first before you and your son. The Lord God promises that the flour and the oil will not run out until He sends rain on the earth.' – Slide 10
So the woman did exactly as Elijah told her to do and they had food to eat every day. The flour and oil did not run out just as the prophet said. – Slide 11
Some time after this the son of the woman became ill. He became so sick that eventually he died. – Slide 12
The woman brought her son to Elijah. She was very upset. 'I thought you were a man of God. Why has my son died?' – Slide 13
Elijah took the boy and laid him on his own bed. He lay on the boy three times and prayed for God to bring him back to life. <br/>God heard Elijah and put life back into her son. – Slide 14
Immediately Elijah carried the boy to his mother and said, 'See your son lives!' <br/>The woman answered, 'Now I know you really are a man of God and God speaks through your mouth.' – Slide 15
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